Situating Text And Self

Situating Text and Self is a book club that analyzes and locates text regarding relationships involved with gender /sexuality. Through our reading sessions, we create discussions, artwork, and occupy spaces.  This project was conceptualized and facilitated by Diego Vergara Mesa.

Fall 2017

As a response to the accessibility of the bathrooms at GPS, and our conversations in the summer we installed a piece at GPS called "Intervention Of Gendered Spaces: Bathrooms." This installation was placed outside of the two adjacent bathrooms to disrupt the gender binary of both spaces. The installation was up for twenty days, along with a project purposed by one of our members, Yvonna Johnson, called "Write-in" a participatory project exploring public priorities while exposing unnecessary social norms. 

Intervention Of Gendered Spaces: Bathrooms: Fall 2017, Facilitated by Diego Vergara Mesa, Text: April Miller, Ceramics Artist: Anna Rafalowski, Contributors to imagery and overall support: Nhawndie Smith, Holden Cession, Alexis Michelle, Adam Carlin. 2017

Write-in, Yvonna Johnson. 2017

Summer of 2017

We held our first meetings and read and discussed text by Kimberle Crenshaw, Dean Spade, Nayan Shah, Simone Browne, Judith Butler, and Amina Mama. Our discussions took place in bookstores/libraries as an active effort to disrupt the knowledge provided by the books within the establishment. At the end of the summer, we synthesized our experiences, findings, and inspirations through artworks to and exhibited the work at Greensboro Project Space.

Members for this session were: Yvonna Johnson, Ivana Bogdan, Tony Mungo, Josh Rath, Cason Ragland, Nathaniel Bogan, Taylor Viar, and Brooke Nivens.

Special thanks to Greensboro Project Space